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  • About Debt Settlement
    Learn how to use debt settlement to avoid bankruptcy.
  • American Bankruptcy Institute
    Offers daily bankruptcy news and information and a gateway to ABI On-Line, a private bankruptcy research library.
  • Bankrtupcy Alternative Help
    Offers bankruptcy alternatives including debt consolidation and negotiation.
  • Bankruptcy Action
    Information and resources for filing Chapters 7 and 13, including official forms, lawyer locator, latest news, and more.
  • Bankruptcy Alternatives
    Providing bankrupcy advice and debt reduction services to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Alternatives
    Offers bankruptcy information and alternatives such as debt settlement and negotiation.
  • Bankruptcy Co.
    Offers legal information for those individuals who are considering filing for bankruptcy.
  • Bankruptcy
    Specializes in helping people file their Chapter 7 (and other) bankruptcies online.
  • Bankruptcy Site, The
    Offering information on filing bankruptcy, exemptions, alternatives, and help for recovering from bankruptcy.
    Providing nationwide search for bankruptcy filings online.
    Offering online bankruptcy evaluations and information by a bankruptcy attorney.
  • Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy Law
    Provides information about the practice, in which assets are sold and the proceeds are given to creditors.
  • Do it Yourself Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation
    Offers bankruptcy FAQ, reviews of chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13, court-ready bankruptcy forms, and nonprofit debt consolidation counseling.
  • Filing Chapter 7-11-13 Bankruptcy
    Offers information, definitions, and resources regarding filing for bankruptcy.
  • Filing For Bankruptcy Online
    Provides articles, links, and information about filing for bankruptcy, exploring alternatives, and repairing credit.
  • FreshStart Services
    Provides financial services to grow credit score and recover after bankruptcy. Also includes financial education and counseling.
  • IACO Consultants: Bankruptcy Petition Preparation
    Individual Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition preparers for all 50 United States.
  • InterNet Bankruptcy Library
    Offers bankcruptcy data, news, and publications for members of the legal, financial, and educational communities
  • Private Bankruptcy
    Provides online do-it-yourself bankruptcy software and solutions, as well as phone and email support.
  • Sands & Associates
    Trustee in bankruptcy.
  • Total Bankruptcy
    Find bankruptcy resources including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filing information by state, bankruptcy lawyers locator, and review by attorney.
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