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Factoring Financial Services
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    Factors account receivables for immediate cash.
  • 1st American Factoring
    Provides accounts and services.
  • 1st PM Factors Bancorp
    Provides accounts receivable lines, credit insurance, LCs, PO, and inventory financing.
  • 1st Working Capital Factoring Group
    Provides capital for small businesses by factoring future sales receipts.
  • 21st Capital Corp.
    Accounts receivable finance company offering online invoice creation.
  • 21st Financial Solutions
    Nationwide provider of accounts receivable financing.
  • A/R Management Services
    Offers contingency and per diem based services in the field of factored and non-factored chargebacks, deductions, and recoveries.
  • Abingdon Business Capital
    Factoring company offering working capital and business loans through accounts receivable purchase. Factor training available.
  • Accelerated Business Credit Corp.
    Offering factoring, accounts receivable financing, cash flow, credit, and business loans.
  • Accord Financial Services
    Provides financing, credit coverage, collection, and record-keeping to American and Canadian companies.
  • Account Funding Inc.
    Accounts receivables financing and related services.
  • Accounts Receivable Funding Corporation
    Provides receivable funding for companies needing capital. Caters to smaller volume accounts.
  • ACN Funding
    Offers invoice factoring services.
  • AdvanceMe, Inc.
    Provider of working capital for small and medium size businesses as an alternative to traditional small business loans.
  • Advantage Funding Corporation
    Converts your company's accounts receivables into cash at the time you are ready to bill your client.
  • All Cash Funding Corporation
    Providing working capital for businesses with cash flow difficulties.
  • Alternative Resource Funding
    Helps improve cash flow by purchasing accounts receivable invoices.
  • AMCI Finance
    Offers accounts receivable financing, inventory field warehousing, and equipment leasing.
  • American Integrity Funding
    Offers accounts receivable factoring services to quickly improve cash flow and working capital for businesses.
  • American Receivables
  • Anfac/Febrafac - S?o Paulo, Brazil
    Site of the Brazilian National Factoring Association.
  • Apex Capital Corp.
    Offering factoring services and programs including account receivables and invoice factoring.
  • Applied Capital
    Specializing in factoring and accounts receivable financing.
  •, Ltd.
    Provides collections, invoice factoring, and accounts receivable management services for U.S. government prime contractors.
  • B-V Consulting - Amarillo, TX
  • BankersMutual
    Offers working capital and purchase order funding.
  • BeneFactor
    Offers funds from account receivable purchase programs.
  • Best Invoice Factoring
    Providing business owners a comprehensive database of articles, glossary, and directory of accounts receivable and invoice factoring services.
  • Bibby Financial Services Inc.
    Provides receivables based credit lines to commercial start-ups, non-bankable, and mature companies in need of additional working capital.
  • Bookcliff Funding Group
    Provides nationwide accounts receivable purchasing and discretionary credit line financing against accounts receivables.
  • BrooksGreenblatt
    Offers services for small businesses.
  • Business Factoring Corporation
    New York based factoring company providing nationwide account receivable factoring services for small to medium sized businesses.
    Provides creative financing and funding solutions to small and mid-size businesses.
  • Capital Factors, Inc. - Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Services traditionally factored industries along with healthcare finance, asset-based lending, and full-service funding of temporary agencies.
  • Capitol Resource Funding, Inc.
    Providing corporate and wholesale financing services.
  • Carter Funding Corporation
    Buy invoices and accounts receivable.
  • Contractor Capital
    Provides factoring, lines of credit, and leasing to the construction industry.
  • Croma Capital Invoice Factoring
    Commercial financing brokerage specializing in funding accounts receivable, purchase orders, property, and business notes.
  • Custom Data Services
    Also offers full point of sale system.
  • Diversified Funding Services, Inc.
    Offers factoring services and funding solutions with invoice processing, account receivables, and government receivables financing.
  • E.S. Bankest LLC
    Provides accounts receivables funding and related services.
    Provides free competitive factoring quotes.
  • Empire Capital Group, Inc.
    Offers accounts receivable purchasing and related services.
    Matches businesses interested in selling their accounts receivable with competitive funding sources.
  • Factofrance Heller - Paris, France
  • Factor Loads
    Offers transportation, freight, and freight bill factoring.
  • Factor Plus, Ltd.
    Accounts receivables financing.
  • Factoring Central
    Offers online commercial financing.
  • Factoring Quotes
    Providing accounts receivable factoring solutions and fast rate quotes.
    Offers quotes from multiple factoring institutions for accounts receivable, invoices, purchase orders, and inventory financing.
  • Factors Chain International
  • Factors Funding
    Provides immediate cash using invoices as collateral, with no long term contracts.
    Provides contact and related information for factoring companies.
    Specializes in invoice financing as well as freight bills and accounts receivable factoring.
  • First Capital Services
    Nationwide, full service Factor/Buyer of commercial accounts receivable. Broker inquiries welcome.
  • Fountainhead Funding
    Provides accounts receivables factoring and financing, asset-based lending, and the selling of business notes.
  • Freight Capital Factoring
    Full-service invoice factoring company for truckers that manages account receivables and freight bills.
  • Funding Systems International, L.L.C.
    Provide accounts receivable financing.
    Features an online marketplace.
  • Gibraltar Financial Corporation
  • Gulf Coast Factoring
    Specializing in providing cash flow for small businesses.
  • Hamilton Group, Inc.
    Specializes in factoring and financial assistance for small and mid sized businesses.
  • Hildun Corp.
    Accounts receivable financing and letters of credit services to small corporations.
  • Interface Financial Group
    Helps businesses successfully manage cash flow challenges through invoice factoring.
  • International Factoring Association
    Providing information, training, purchasing power, and resources.
  • Invoice Bankers, The
    Finances invoices, accounts receivables, and working capital loans for small service and manufacturing businesses.
  • Invoice Financial Services
    Provides accounts receivable factoring services, information, news, and discussion.
  • IQ Alliance
    Services include accounts receivable factoring, funding for business, asset-based lending, small business lending, and more.
  • J D Factors
    Providing factoring and accounts receivable management services.
  • Mac Factors
    Provides nationwide account receivable financing and credit management services.
  • Mazon Associates, Inc.
    Provides accounts receivable services to provide immediate cash flow to growing businesses.
  • Medical Capital Financing
    Financing the future of the medical industry.
  • Metro Financial Services
    Includes cash, credit, and collections.
  • Morris Funding Sources
    Specializes in helping small to medium sized companies with short term cash flow problems through invoice factoring.
  • MPStar Financial
    Offers accounts receivable factoring, collection support, and other cash flow management services for quick cash and working capital for businesses.
  • National Factoring Services
    Provides accounts receivable financing, management, commercial credit services, and commercial escrow services.
  • National Funding Resource Associates
    Provides financing options through factoring, leasing, business loans and notes, real estate contracts, structured settlements, and annuities.
  • Orange Commercial Credit
    Offers accounts receivables funding and debt management solutions.
  • Osage Medical Funding - Atlanta, GA
    Offers medical accounts receivable funding for medical facilities or groups.
  • Pacific Business Capital Corporation
    Specializing in accounts receivable finance and other asset based commercial loans.
  • Paragon Financial Group
    Offers cash for accounts receivable invoices and inventory financing.
  • Peak Funding Services
    Offers accounts receivables financing, debt collection, and other cash flow services.
  • Pearce Financial Group
    Offers accounts receivable funding to help finance payroll for the staffing industry including commercial, medical, and security guard staffing.
  • PFI Financial
    Factoring, structured loans, and purchase order financing for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Platinum Funding Corp.
    Provides accounts receivable financing and related services for start ups and small to medium sized companies.
  • Potential Finance Factoring
    U.K. factoring and sales ledger management company providing instant quotes.
  • Prairie Business Credit, Inc.
    Financing small business and start ups.
  • Primary Funding Corporation
  • PRN Funding
    Purchase of accounts receivables to give business additional cash flow for growth.
  • Provident Financial, Inc
  • Quantum Corporate Funding
    Construction and contractor funding and accounts receivable funding. No long term contracts.
  • Retail Management and Factors,Inc.
    Accounts receivable financing resource.
  • Riviera Finance
    Providing needed capital to small- to medium-sized businesses.
  • San Diego Commercial Finance
  • Sovereign Funding Group
    Mortgage broker also offers accounts receivable factoring, structured settlements, debt consolidation, and more.
  • Stonewall Aero Marine Funding
    Purchases aircraft, watercraft, and real estate notes.
  • Sun Capital Inc.
    Features flexible funding programs for small to multinational companies in various industries.
  • United California Discount
    Factors accounts receivable for small to medium size companies.
  • United Capital Funding Corp.
    exchanges receivables for cash.
  • Universal Funding Corporation
    Specializing in accounts receivable financing.
  • US Cash Biz
    Factoring broker offers consulting services for businesses obtaining no-debt funding.
  • Venture Factors
    Factoring, invoice discounting, asset-based finance, debt protection, and loans.
  • Vertex Financial
    Providing commercial financing of accounts receivable.
  • Westgate Financial
    Provides non-recourse accounts receivable and purchase order financing to small businesses.
  • Winston Financial Group, Inc.
    Provides growth capital to businesses like manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.
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