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  • Abacus Note
    Purchasers of mortgage and business notes.
  • Adirondack Note Buyers, Inc.
    Purchases private mortgages created through the sale of real property. Located in New York.
  • American Capital Resources
    Pays money for notes, mortgages, and other cash flows.
  • The Audemus Group
    Offers course materials on the paper business of carryback mortgages.
  • Automated Marketing Technologies
    Offers a system that generates mortgage leads automatically.
  • Bay Investing Resources, LLC
    Buys seller financed notes and mortgages.
  • Big Sky Financial Network
    Buys real estate contracts, deeds of trust, contracts for deeds and mortgage notes.
  • The Boston Note Company
    Purchases mortgage notes nationwide.
  • C & A Financial Programs, Inc.
    A note buyer and licensed mortgage lender. Specializes in real estate notes, but also buys structured settlements.
  • Cascade Funding, Inc.
    Purchaser of mortgages, business notes and other cash flow contracts.
  • Colonial Blue Financial Services
    Purchases real estate, commercial, or business notes.
  • Dick Ballard, Inc.
    Buys real estate notes secured by first and second mortgages and trust deeds throughout the USA. Also makes unconventional property loans in California.
  • Digital Networking Enterprises
    Note buyer, along with investors and principals, offers to purchase real estate notes throughout the USA and some non-US countries.
  • Empire Capital
    Nationwide buyer of mortgages, deeds of trust and land contracts.
  • First Amherst Financial Group, LLC
    Purchases small to mid-size distressed loans and problem assets from financial institutions. Amherst, New Hampshire.
  • First Brevard Corp.
    Purchases seller held mortgages nationwide.
  • Freedom Financial
    Buys seller financed notes secured by residential, commercial and land only properties.
  • Friendly Note Buyers
    Provides cash purchases of first mortgage notes.
  • Genesis Financial, Inc.
    A diversified financial services company which purchases seller-financed real estate mortgages, deeds of trust, and contracts. Also works with non-conforming commercial loans.
  • Hudson Mortgage Bankers
    Purchases real estate notes and trust deeds.
  • Investors Financial Corp
    Purchaser of seller financed real estate notes.
  • Lead Originators
    Provides mortgage leads to lenders and brokers.
  • MAE Financial Corp.
    Purchases privately held promissory notes and deeds of trust. Located in Colorado but operates nationally.
  • Midwest Notes
    Buyer of owner financed notes, specializing in simultaneous closings and flips.
  • Mortgage Note Buyers, Inc.
    Purchases trust deeds, land contracts and mortgage notes nationwide.
    Designed as a marketplace for buyers, sellers and investors in private mortgages.
    Sells prequalified mortgage leads.
  • National Asset Exchange Group, Inc.
    Buyers of real estate mortgage notes, structured settlements, and annuities.
  • National Notebuyers
    Massachusetts firm purchases mortgages and trust deeds nationwide.
  • Northeastern Capital Resources, Inc.
    Nationwide buyer of privately held carryback mortgages.
  • Notable Mortgage Buyers, Inc.
    Purchases privately held mortgages and notes.
  • Note Buyer Direct Connect
    Database for sellers to find buyers for mortgages and other cash flows.
  • NoteWorld
    Buys private mortgage notes. Site includes articles and a forum for questions and discussion.
  • Olympic Mortgage Exchange, Inc.
    Buyers of real estate receivables and seller financing instruments throughout the USA. Also processes new loans in Oregon.
    Buyers of privately held real estate promissory notes, business notes, annuities, land contracts, structured settlements, lottery winnings, and other cash flows. Services USA and Canada.
  • Panther Investments, Inc.
    Invests in many types of real estate notes, structured settlements, seller carryback financing, and other future incomes.
  • PCF Investment Group, Inc.
    Nationwide buyer of real estate related notes and mortgages.
  • Pinnacle Note and Mortgage
    Principal buyer of notes, mortgages, and deeds of trust. Offers company information and FAQ.
  • RAM Funding Service Corporation
    Buys seller-held mortgages, trust deeds, and land contracts throughout the USA. A licensed brokerage in Florida.
  • Reliant Financial, Inc.
    Direct buyer of residential and commercial real estate and cash flow notes. Located in Texas; purchases notes nationwide.
  • R.G. Coulter & Associates
    Buyers of real estate notes, contracts, and mortgages nationwide.
  • Riverside Bank
    Arkansas bank specializes in mortgage lending, and buys private seller-financed mortgage loans nationwide.
  • 1st United Note Buyers
    Broker of real estate notes and structured settlements. Based in Spokane, Washington, services offered nationally.
  • Star Note Buyers USA
    National mortgage buyers of real estate notes, contracts, and deed of trusts.
  • Steinberg Capital
    Purchases real estate notes and trust deeds. Principal is also a mortgage broker.
  • TCA Funding
    Buys residential and commercial real estate notes.
  • Weststar Loan Servicing Corporation
    Provider of seller financing, loan servicing, rental collection, and loan servicing software. Also buys real estate notes and loan portfolios.
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